• Pumpkin Soup
    Pumpkin Soup
    It's As Delicious As It Looks!
  • Jamaican Lobster
    Jamaican Lobster
    Outdoor Fire Cooking At It's Best
  • Coconut Sushi
    Coconut Sushi
    You Won't Believe How Good It Tastes
  • Jerk Chicken
    Jerk Chicken
    Made with Chef Bull's Special Jerk Sauce
  • Pineapple Pancake
    Pineapple Pancake
    Breakfast Never Looked Better
  • Fruit Salad
    Fruit Salad
    Best Tasting Fruit Salad Ever

100% Organic Farming

Zimbali is a true believer in the abundance of Mother Nature and always seeks to use the foods of the season in the most healthy and creative way. We cater to vegans & vegetarians and also chicken & seafood lovers as well.  This is life as it has been lived for thousands of years; a life left behind in the wake of progress. Pick the coconuts, fruits and vegetables from the 100% organic farm.

Taste of Tropical Freshness

At Zimbali Retreats, your dining experience is our top priority. We grow up to 70% of our own foods, fruits & spices right here on our farm. This is in line with our self-sustaining mission and ensures that we can serve you the highest quality organic ingredients possible. Our master chefs will delight your taste buds with their fusion of traditional and modern cooking styles and their use of fresh spices, coconut milk/coconut oil and of course…love comes standard in all his dishes!

Ital Cooking

We are very proud to follow the tradition of “Ital” cooking and this is something that everyone enjoys.  Many of these dishes are cooked on the open wood fire; this creates a unique taste that is simply indescribable.  Also many of the spices that give Zimbali its original flavor are grown and sun dried right here- such as: curry, all spice, coconut oil, ginger, thyme, basil and many varieties of hot & mild peppers.


This farm was planted with health and self-sufficiency as the goal and has many rare fruits. Some examples are: Coconut, banana, plantain, pineapple, avocado, mango, sour soup (otherwise known as Graviola- this is considered a new cure for cancer), cashew, mountain sop, star apple, star fruit, walnut, black zapote, Ackee, lychee, lemon, lime, noni, papaya, cocoa, 5 kinds of orange, grapefruit, tangerine, ateoke apple, sasumba and plum.


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